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    • This beautiful red and white spray will deliver strength and the wisdom to know that there will be brighter days ahead.<br />

			Dazzling red roses and gerberas, brilliant white chrysanthemums and larkspur are arranged with gentle greens to create a strong yet soothing arrangement.<br /><br />Approximately 39" W x 21" H<br />
Orientation: N/A<br />
					As Shown : T242-3A

      Strength and Wisdom Casket Spray

      from $169.99

    • A traditional tribute that communicates deep love and eternal commitment. This dramatic red and white casket spray is ideal for a full couch or closed casket, mixing dozens of deep red roses with the pure white beauty of gladioli and stock.Red roses and carnations are paired with snow white gladioli and stock, then accented with greens including variegated ivy and salal.
Approximately 75" W x 25" H

      Garden of Grandeur Casket Spray

      from $399.95

    • A beautifully patriotic way to pay tribute to a loved one. This half-couch spray sends an eloquent message of strength, respect and freedom.<br />

			Brilliant flowers such as blue hydrangea, red roses, white oriental lilies and much more create this dignified way to honor the deceased.<br /><br />Approximately 46 1/2" W x 24" H<br />
Orientation: N/A<br />
					As Shown : T240-3A

      Distinguished Service Casket Spray

      from $262.99

    • The peaceful purity of this all white casket spray is a touching, inspiring way to honor the departed. Large in scale, the lush arrangement is ideal for a full couch or closed casket service, featuring elegant white blooms such as calla lilies, dendrobium orchids and hydrangea.White roses, orchids, large calla lilies and perfect stems of hydrangea. 
Approximately 47" W x 17" H.

      Purity and Peace Casket Spray

      from $374.95

    • A casket spray made of all white flowers and simple greenery is a simply stunning way to honor the deceased while bringing a quiet strength and serenity to those present.<br />

			Gorgeous white oriental lilies, gladioli, carnations and more create a beautiful crescent shaped casket spray.<br /><br />Approximately 49" W x 27" H<br />
Orientation: N/A<br />
					As Shown : T242-4A

      Bountiful Memories Casket Spray

      from $139.99

    • The deep red flowers of this red rose casket spray speak to the depth of your loss. Express your love with the simple elegance of this traditional spray, perfectly sized for a half couch or open casket.Rich red roses and carnations are combined with salal and green ivy into a dramatic casket spray.
Approximately 43" W x 23" H

      Red Rose Reverence Casket Spray

      from $252.95

    • Joyous times and golden memories are recalled with this lovely half-couch casket spray that consoles the bereaved with a sunny array of beautiful blooms.<br />

			A bevy of yellow blossoms such as roses, gladioli, chrysanthemums and more are perfectly arranged in this lovely casket spray.<br /><br />Approximately 44" W x 22" H<br />
Orientation: N/A<br />
					As Shown : T242-1A

      Graceful Grandeur Casket Spray

      from $159.99

    • Surrounded by roses, enveloped in love - a sumptuous pink rose wreath of light and dark hues serves as a stunning memorial.Features thirty five light and hot pink roses with trailing stems of lush green ivy.Please note: Arrangement does not include urn.
Approximately 33" W x 20" H

      Bed of Pink Roses

      from $179.99

    • A beautiful spray of soft pink, white and crème blooms ease the burden of loss.<br />

			Pink hydrangea, larkspur and roses mingle with white roses, stock and waxflower. Ivy, fern and fragrant eucalyptus act as green accents in this spray that rests atop the casket.<br /><br />Approximately 66" W x 28" H<br />
Orientation: N/A<br />
					As Shown : T236-3A

      Always Adored Casket Spray

      from $427.99

    • This classic half-couch spray of brilliant red carnations makes a striking and dignified statement.<br />

			Radiant red carnations and miniature carnations accented by fresh greenery arrive in a lovely spray.<br /><br />Approximately 36" W x 27" H<br />
Orientation: N/A<br />
					As Shown : T242-2A

      Adoration Casket Spray

      from $119.99

    • Express your love and devotion with the traditional elegance of this stunning red rose casket spray. Ideal for a full couch or closed casket service, the impressive display features a generous array of bold, beautiful blooms.Red roses are arranged with rich green salal into a classic casket spray.
Approximately 62" W x 22" H

      Greatest Love Casket Spray

      from $459.99

    • Like a heartfelt embrace, this beautiful casket spray delivers comfort and love in an extraordinary way. A wonderful array of lavender and pink flowers with just the right amount of greenery is a lovely way to pay tribute to someone who will always be with you in heart, mind and spirit.<br />

			Lovely lavender and pink roses, snapdragons, alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, fern, eucalyptus and more create this tribute that is overflowing with grace and love.<br /><br />Approximately 51" W x 22" H<br />
Orientation: N/A<br />
					As Shown : T235-2A

      Lavender Tribute Casket Spray

      from $239.99

    • Graceful and fresh, this tropical-influenced spray sheds light on memories that will be forever treasured. Splashed with color and grounded with earth tones, it lends comfort and hope to any memorial.<br />

			Yellow asiatic lilies with orange orchids and roses, red gladioli, pink protea and yellow chrysanthemums are draped across the casket amidst radiating ferns, greens and leaves.<br /><br />Approximately 40" W x 22 1/2" H<br />
Orientation: N/A<br />
					As Shown : T244-3A

      Island Memories Casket Spray

      from $175.99

    • Keep fond memories close to your heart with a floral wreath of white chrysanthemums, green cymbidium orchids and carnations.Lovely flowers such as white chrysanthemums, green cymbidium orchids and carnations. Please note: Arrangement does not include picture frame.
Approximately 20" W x 14" H

Orientation: One-Sided

      Garden Wreath

      from $142.95

    • Soft lavender and green blooms to surround the urn, like a peaceful, contemplative garden.<br />

			A subdued assortment of flowers such as lavender larkspur, roses and asters are grouped beautifully with the rich greens of cymbidium orchids, chrysanthemums, English boxwood and sword fern.Please note: Arrangement does not include urn.<br /><br />Approximately 23 1/2" W x 20" H<br />
Orientation: One-Sided<br />
					As Shown : T250-1A

      Meadows of Memories

      from $169.99

    • Magnificent orange roses, green hydrangea and rich, dark cymbidium orchids will help comfort heavy hearts at a memorial service.Richly colored flowers such as orange roses, green hydrangea, brown cymbidium orchids and yellow chrysanthemums.Please note: Arrangement does not include urn.<br />Approximately 26" W x 16 1/2" H<br /><br /><br /> Orientation: One-Sided<br />Standard: T254-1A

      Sunset Wreath

      from $199.95

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